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19 Dec

Going out with a BOOM!

Angel | December 19th, 2013

Way to go WVU Tech! This school never fails to surprise students. Light up Old Main was magical this year. Your question probably is why was it magical?

That’s right, FIREWORKS! (In case you didn’t know. I refer anything dealing with fireworks as magical.) Now, I have another moment to add to my top 10 list.


Another, great event was the Top of Chef (fall 2013 edition). This is when the faculty, staff, and administrators put on their chef white’s and cook an amazing breakfast at night. There are huge pancakes, waffles, omelets, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and endless toppings for everything. Now, I’m a little hungry. This semester there was also a massage area, where professionals came to give hand massages/masks, back rubs, and something around your head (that I seriously don’t understand). I look forward to this event every year, let’s me know that sunshine is near after a week of finals.


I don’t know if I’m super excited right now or it’s just all the sugar kicking in from all the SWEETARTS I’ve been eating. I finished my last final around noon today. I think I did exceptionally well and can’t wait to see my final grades next week. I just found out that I got a B in chemical engineering thermodynamics!!! I’m happy! Fall 2013 semester is officially over and tomorrow I fly home and sleep in until spring semester starts. Oh Happy Day!

Just out the photos from both of these events from the link below (Titled: Light Up Old Main, Top of Chef Fall 2013):

19 Dec

Math and Science Bowl - 2013

Ranjith | December 19th, 2013

WVU Tech’s Twenty-Sixth Annual Math and Science Bowl took place on Tuesday, November 19, 2013. This event is a preliminary round of the United States Department of Energy’s National Science Bowl. The winners, Woodrow Wilson (Fist Place), Bluefield (Second Place), and Shady Spring (Third Place) will represent RESA I at the Regional Science Bowl in Morgantown in the Spring 2014.

First Place – Woodrow Wilson Team
Second Place – Bluefield team
Third Place – Shady Spring Team

Congratulations and Good luck at the Regional Competition!

More photos are available at:

4 Dec

Holidays Celebrate!

Angel | December 4th, 2013

Who doesn’t love the holidays? One of the top things I look forward to every year. This year my organization made a gingerbread house float with all the major buildings around Tech. Can’t wait to see what the give-a-way at Light Up Old Main will be this year. I love how festive it is here in Montgomery. There is no way you could forget what month it is, just look around you, you’ll see lights, Christmas trees, banners, parades, and maybe, just maybe snowflakes. After the parade, I have finals and then my winter break begins and I’m extremely excited about this break.

You know why? Huh? Huh?

I get to see my favorite ballet (The Nutcracker) at the Lincoln Center Christmas Eve; I’ve seen this ballet nearly 10 times, but never at the Lincoln Center in New York. Super excited to hear Peter Llyitch Tschaikovsky music for 2 hours. I don’t think this ballet could ever top going to the Christmas Parade in Magic Kingdom, but it’s definitely ranked in my top 10. December is always magically (I don’t mean to sound like a fairy tale).



4 Nov

Win or Lose...

Lindsay | November 4th, 2013

Four weeks left until Thanksgiving Break!! Not that I’m counting down or anything…. haha!

This has been one hectic semester!! Homecoming was insanely stressful, but I suppose that’s what I get for being so involved. But no matter how much stress I go through, it’s always worth it. This year, my sorority Alpha Sigma Tau did just about everything possible to do during homecoming, and as president, I had to oversee most of it. We had a super cute spirit board, a sweet homecoming video… and the worst float I have ever seen in my entire life! I definitely dropped the ball on that one! We painted boxes to look like buildings, and the sisters dressed up as superheroes, but it was just an awful float haha. But it doesn’t matter how great the float is, how spectacular the decorations are… what matters is that you enjoy it and love what you’re doing. I didn’t get to ride on the float, but when my sisters drove past me, I felt that true love that Alpha Sigma Tau always gives me. They were smiling hard, screaming our chant, and had a ton of fun on the float. Winning or losing any of those contests wasn’t important… what’s important is the bond we have with each other and that we have fun together!

We also had a blast at the game! Our men and women are amazing people on and off the court. Some of the women’s team is on my floor and I’m their RA. They always make me smile! They’re a fantastic group of people. Also, our men’s soccer team became the USCAA National Champions this past Saturday!!! They so deserve it!! One thing I love about our teams is that they’re classy. I know that if our men had lost, they would have congratulated the winning team and said, “We’ll do better next year,” instead of pouting and being rude to the winning team. I’ve watched every team on this campus do it. They win and lose with class and dignity. And really, that’s what makes me proud to be a Golden Bear… although winning is nice too!

28 Oct

Homecoming 2013

Angel | October 28th, 2013

The festivities for homecoming started October 21st. But, the real fun started October 25th at the alumni of the year banquet. This banquet always gives me a chance to connect with alumni (especially in my field of work). To hear their stories about their experience at Tech and compare it with mine is always a “wow moment”. I remember someone telling me one computer took up an entire room and you had to punch in the program you wanted to use. Can you imagine waiting 20 minutes for a program to be available for you to wait another 20 minutes for it to appear on the computer screen? I would not survive that era, too impatient.

My second favorite thing about homecoming is the games of course. I’ve been a huge basketball fan since the age of three. I’m not sure what makes it so interesting to me, the crowd cheering or the intensity on the court. Everyone looks so driven and determined to win who couldn’t love watching? Both games were pretty good, unfortunately the women’s basketball team did not win, but they have a whole season ahead to get endless wins. The men’s basketball l team dominated the court winning 108-64. I can’t wait for the next game November 5th.

7 Oct

My Life Lately.....

Angel | October 7th, 2013

One thing this semester has consisted of is meetings, Meetings, oh and more MEETINGS! Not like there overwhelming, but they sure can become a little annoying after a while. Last Thursday was my first Chem-E car meeting, and your probably wondering what’s a Chem-E car right? It’s a competition annually held by AlChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) that allows college students to design and construct a car powered by a chemical energy source. Every school that you could possibly think of participates in this competition and hopefully this spring semester our car will be ready for competition.
On to something new?..
I cannot believe that I have a fall break next week. Take a wild guess as to what I will be doing for 4 days straight. If you guessed nothing, you’re absolutely right!

Shouldn’t tell you this but I will.

The hardest thing for me to do lately is sell Yankee Candles for my society. If I was in elementary school, I would have like 4 forms filled out with orders, but now it’s so hard. Either I forget about the form, no one has money, or I’m the worst salesperson EVER! If I don’t get any buyers I will just donate money because I’m not a candle person myself.

26 Sep

ACM Cookout to Welcome Freshmen

Ranjith | September 26th, 2013

WVU Tech student chapter of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) held a cookout to welcom Computer Science and Information Systems freshmen. More pictures are found at: CS & IS Department’s facebook page.

17 Sep

Hectic Day Ahead

Angel | September 17th, 2013

Whoever said sophomore year of chemical engineering was hard was seriously mistaken. Besides, the heavy load of work for my major the fall semester is going by pretty quickly (YES!). Probably wondering why I want it to go by so fast right? It’s because on December 23, 2013 I get to see the Nutcracker again in the Lincoln Center (NYC), I just love ballet.

On to something different?..

I have two events to attend at the same time tomorrow. How on earth will I be at two places at once? I have no idea! I’ll let you know how that works out. I have a National Honors Society of Leadership & Success (NHSLS) Orientation for people trying to enter our organization in the Student Activities Room. At the same time outside in the grassy knoll I have a cookout for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AlChE). I have high hopes for this cookout. We’re going to have corn hall, hot dogs, music, volleyball, and did I mention hot dogs?

My schedule may sound a little hectic, but I love to stay busy. Staying still is never an option for me.

Until next time?.

Ciao! Ciao! (Italian for bye-bye)

3 Sep

Movies and Munchies

Lindsay | September 3rd, 2013

Well, we have officially finished the first two weeks of classes! YAY! Now everything really gets busy! My calendar is ridiculously full and since I color code everything, it looks like a bright rainbow.

One of my favorite things on campus to do is go to the movies that the Student Activities Board shows every week. It’s free to attend, and they give you free munchies. This past week was the movie ‘Now You See Me.’ Have you ever seen it? If not, I definitely recommend it!! I didn’t go see it in theaters because I thought it would be stupid, but it had me on the edge of my seat for two hours, and had a totally unexpected ending.

Where I come from, movies cost $10-15, and that’s just 2-D! So I usually don’t go see them, unless it’s Harry Potter, Batman, or other big ticket movies that I know I’ll love. It’s awesome to have SAB showing today’s big hits in movies for free in the ballroom!! Monsters University is showing later this month, and I can’t wait. Sometimes they also play older movies. Last year, they had Space Jam, and in September they’ll be playing The Muppets, Treasure Island movie.

Next week is Pan’s Labyrinth, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month in September. Count me in!

16 Aug

10 Tips

Lindsay | August 16th, 2013

Welcome, welcome, welcome new and old students!! Time to get this show on the road, eh? I can’t believe I’ll be starting my SENIOR year of college! Didn’t I just graduate high school yesterday…?

Orientation Weekend has had a GREAT kickoff, thanks to all the hard working staff members of Tech, the RAs, and the OLs!! We are getting to know new students and warmly greeting the old. It’s great to finally have residents on the floors again—it was a little too quiet!

Today at the Class of 2017 Convocation, Sarah “Sally” Smith, Class of 1973 gave the guest address. She gave the new students 10 Tips on Succeeding in College. And as she was speaking, she inspired me to create my own, but a smidge different. So here are my ten tips for succeeding in having fun in college!

10. Show Up You’d think this would be a kind of “duh” thing, but now that you’re away from home, no one is telling you to get up and go to class! But you still need to attend… you came to Tech to receive an education, and it’s important that you do!

9. Go to a sporting event Seriously, even if you’re not interested in them, GO!! Some of the people you recognize from campus are there! For example, RA Haley Pauley is on the WVU Tech volleyball team. She’s a sweetheart, and she is a BEAST on that court! Whether you actually enjoy the game or not, I guarantee you’ll find yourself cheering her on. Plus, the soccer men show up to some games and heckle the opposing team… needless to say, it’s pretty entertaining!

8. Be positive. If you’re going to view everything negatively, then that’s what your experience will be. Go in with a great attitude and good things are sure to come!

7. Don’t stereotype. Go out and try new things! Don’t say you won’t go to an SGA meeting because “they’re stuck up snobs.” How would you know? TRY IT. They’re nice, I promise! Don’t stereotype based on popular media—you’d be surprised what gems you uncover.

6. Ask for help. When you seek, you shall find! Having trouble in calculus? Go ask your RA for help, if they don’t know the material then they know someone who does. Go ask Kelly Hudgins in the Student Success Center for help. She’ll point you in the direction of one of her tutors that will teach you what you need to know. If you don’t ask for the help, you won’t get it. Everyone at Tech is awesome, but not so awesome that they can read minds!

5. Make many friends in odd places. Go find Miss Liz in the Bear’s Den and talk to her—she’s a sweetie! Go ask the Dean to have a cup of coffee and chat—he has great life advice! Go ask your RD what they like to do in their spare time—in the end, they may enjoy the same things as you. Go talk to Timmy at Campus Police—I’m pretty sure he’s secretly a superhero because he can do anything! These people are so many more at Tech will make you smile and remind you why you came here… they’ll know you, remember you, and support you.

4. Give yourself a break and relax. Take a you day. Relax. Go to El Jalisco and get some cheese dip. Watch your favorite movie five times in a row. Take an all day nap. Go lay out and cloud watch on the grassy knoll. Go hit up the men at Phi Kappa Tau for some ultimate frisbee. You may have come to Tech for school, but you need to have fun, too!

3. Eat at Montgomery’s fine restaurants! While the Bear’s Den has good food, you need a break from it every once in a while. Go to El Jalisco and get the cheese dip. Go to Benny’s for a burger and cheese fries. Go have crab rangoons at Potamkin’s. Go get a blizzard at Dairy Queen. It’s good food!

2. Don’t let others bring you down. Just because one person says something is bad, doesn’t mean it is. Try it for yourself. Are they the same person as you? No. So go out and see what’s what on your own! Do what makes YOU happy!!

1. Make memories. You know what’s after college? The real world. So take now and make lasting memories and friends. Have that goofy movie night that you’ll always look back on. Maybe you’ll find true love, heartbreak, friends, passions, sisters, or brothers… but whatever you do, do it with heart because now is truly the time of your life.